Public Consultation

Establishing the Private Sector Participation (​PSP) legal and regulatory framework is considered a strategic pillar of the Privatization Program, this includes:

1- Developing the enabling general legislative frameworks for P​SP
2- Building the rules governing the PSP projects implementation
3- Developing comprehensive governance systems, identifying the responsibilities of the parties involved in the PSP process
The National Center for Privatization & PPP (NCP) believes that the legislative process requires cooperative efforts and participation of the stakeholders and the public. Your participation will help in developing efficient legislation to meet the needs of the addressees and those who are affected by the legislative instrument.
The Public Consultation web page will link NCP to the stakeholders and the public for the purpose of collecting feedback on the proposed legislation developed by NCP. Before proceeding with the issuance process, the proposed legislation will be published on this page and a chance for submitting feedback and suggestions will be given to help enhance the proposed legislation.
NCP welcomes your feedback, comments, and suggestions on the proposed legislation. NCP will be committed to review and take in consideration your feedback, comments, and suggestions before moving with the issuance process.

Active Consultation
The National Center for Privatization & PPP will place active proposed legislation here

Expired Consultation
Draft Private Sector Participation Law
Expired: 29/07/2​​018


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