Draft Private Sector Participation Law

The Council of Ministers has issued its resolution No. 665 dated 8/11/1438H approving of the Rules of Conduct of the Supervisory Committees of Privatization Targeted Sectors, this resolution included Council of Ministers’ instruction for NCP to draft a Law with all the rules governing Private Sector Participation (PSP). Following this instruction, NCP has prepared the Draft Private Sector Participation Law (link below). This Draft Law aims to establish the legal basis in order to further enable the implementation of PSP programs and projects, whether it is a sale of assets or Public Private Partnership (PPP). This Draft Law also includes provisions addressing the obstacles and legislative gaps that exist within the regulatory environment in general, enabling the disablement of barriers hindering the implementation of PSP projects and the attraction of private sector’s investment.
As part of NCP’s commitment to the cooperative approach, with Resolution No. 1/5/2018, NCP’s Board of Directors has approved the publication of the Draft Private Sector Participation Law for Public Consultation. NCP is pleased to receive your comments and feedback on the Draft Law for a period of three weeks starting from Sunday 08/07/2018G, corresponding to 24/10/1439H, and ending on Sunday 29/07/2018G, corresponding to 16/11/1439H. ​

NCP is looking forward to receiving your comments and feedback on the Draft Private Sector Participation Law, using the attached template (Feedback Below) , on the following email (Law.Regulations@ncp.gov.sa).
For any enquires related to the PSP Law draft, please feel free to contact NCP through this email: Law.Regulations@ncp.gov.sa
Expired: 2 9/07/2 018 ​ ​ ​​​