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The Implementing Regulations of the Private Sector Participation Law
Issued by the NCP Board of Directors’
Resolution No. (Q-9/2021) dated 23/4/1443 AH corresponding to 28/11/2021

As amended by the NCP Board of Directors’ Resolution No. (1/4/2023)
dated (18/6/1445) AH corresponding to (31/12/2023)
Chapter 1: General Provisions
Section 1: Definitions
Section 2: PSP Principles
Section3: PSP Project Value Threshold & the Application Criteria of the Law to PSP Projects
Chapter 2: PSP Plan & the Implementation Prioritization
Section1: Identification Criteria for PSP Opportunities
Section 2: Prioritizing PSP Projects at the Sector's Level
Chapter 3: Governance Framework
Section1: Powers and Tasks of the Authorities in Relation with PSP Projects and Operations
Section 2: Powers and Tasks’ Delegation by the Contracting Authority
Section 3: Steering Committee and Work Team
Section 4: Meetings and Decisions of the Supervisory Committee
Section 5: Coordination with NCP
Section 6: Appointment of Advisors
Chapter 4: The Business Case Documents
Section 1: Preparation of the Detailed Study on PSP Project
Section 2: Requirements for the Detailed Study on the PPP Project
Section 3: Requirements for the Detailed Study of a Divestment Project
Section 4: Requirements of the Business Case Documents
Chapter 5: Tendering Plan
Section 1: Requirements of the Implementation Plan for the Business Case Documents
Section 2: Formation of Committees
Chapter 6: Tendering
Section 1: PSP Project Tender
Section 2: Expression of Interest Phase
Section 3: Pre-qualification
Section 4: Request for Proposals (RFP)
Section 5: Opening of Proposals
Section 6: Awarding the PSP Project
Section 7: Financial and Commercial Closing
Section 8: Limited Competition
Section 9: Direct Contracting
Section 10: Communication Provisions
Section 11: Marketing of PSP Projects
Section 12: Investor Conferences
Section 13: Cancelling the Tender Process
Section 14: Contract Management
Chapter 7: Unsolicited Proposals
Chapter 8: Final Provisions
Section 1: Local Content Requirements for PSP Projects
Section 2: Stakeholder Engagement
Section 3: Fair Competition and Limiting Monopoly
Section 4: PSP Project Company
Section 5: Confidentiality
Section 6: Conflict of Interest
Section 7: Templates and Reference Technical Documents
Section 8: Entery into Force