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Request for Qualification in the tendering of Car Park Construction and Management Project in Al Olaya District, Riyadh Project

We are pleased to announce the issuance of the Request for Qualification the potential Car Park Construction and Management Project in Al Olaya District, Riyadh Project (both on-street and off-street parking) on a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis in Al Olaya District, which is a major commercial and retail hub in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (the ‘Project’). Alriyadh Municipality will conduct a competitive process to select a developer or developer consortium to undertake the Project.

The Project envisages :

  • Improvement, operations and maintenance of existing potential on-street parking spaces.
  • Developing new multi-storeyed off-street parking facilities, which will include areas for commercial developments.

Currently, the identified Project area of [1.3 km2] . The existing demand for parking exceeds supply, especially during peak hours, and demand is expected to grow in the future.

The Project would entail

  1. Improvement, operations and maintenance of the [4,174] on-street parking spaces.
  2. Development, operations and maintenance of [2,529] new multi-storeyed off-street parking spaces at [13] plots owned by the Alriyadh Municipality, which are located in the Project area. (25%) of the off-street parking Built-u area will be allocated for commercial developments.
  3. Introduce technology-oriented parking management, payment services, and control enforcement mechanisms.
  4. Decrease traffic congestion, reduce illegal parking, and minimize loss of time spent commuting to find a parking space.
  5. Optimize monetization of Municipal land use.

The Project area for on-street parking spaces and [13] plots for developing off-street parking spaces have already been selected and an appropriate right to use the Project area will be given to the winning bidder to develop the project on Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis.

RFQ Stage Timetable

Stage Date
Issuance of RFQ Sunday 16 August 2020
Deadline for submission of RFQ queries Sunday 6 September 2020
Deadline for submission of Statement of Qualification Sunday 20 September 2020
Notification of Applicants of RFQ results Sunday 25 October 2020
The timetable above is indicative, which may change, if necessary, at the discretion of Alriyadh Municipality

Interested parties may obtain further information by electronic mail to
or by visiting Alriyadh Municipality website

What is Next?

Project Tendering Process

* This invitation does not constitute a commitment on the part of Alriyadh Municipality to enter into a project development agreement with any firm or consortium. Neither is it intended to shortlist organizations for the subsequent phases of this tender. This is not a solicitation to bid.